What is LMGC?

“I appreciate how engaging you and your staff were at the company party … was one of the reasons why I sought to hire you for our event.”

We are a cross between personal chefs and full service catering – kind of a Dallas version of Food Network’s revered “Two Fat Ladies” of English fame.

In 2007, a couple of guys who knew each other as friends decided to challenge each other in making some unique and tasty dishes together, turned out we were pretty good at it. So, based on the bugging of another friend, we offered a happy hour for ten people as a silent auction item for an animal rescue group. The winner happened to be a well-known Dallas attorney named Penny. She was so pleased that she started promoting us, so every event has some degree of connection to Penny.

We tout our menu as knifeless, meaning, we serve foods that are finger or fork only bite size. We feel your party, the guests, and the conversation should be the focus of those attending, not spending time cutting foods. As a result we have re-envisioned many foods to be small and easy to pop in your mouth.

We do not have a preset menu to choose from, though we have a selection of items as well as some menus from previous events for inspiration. We also don’t have set prices or charge by the person. We really do like working with the host on the menu so that the food complements the event and theme. We will create menus to compliment your theme, the mood, any special diets, religious requests, and, of course, budgets.

We’ve have added another chapter to our repertoire – personal cheffing for smaller, more intimate, dinner parties.