What Does It Cost

“Thank you Jamie!!! Everything was yummy as always. Love the Fancy Yancey drinks!!!!!” – Bee Y.

Our simple answer is, “we don’t know.” The answer you want has many more elements. First, we don’t have set per person costs nor do we have “tray costs” (these are those places when a person orders by the pan, assuming a pan of this food item would serve X number of people). We also don’t have categories of food costs (Column A foods are $$, Column B foods are $$$).

Probably the most helpful place to start regarding pricing is to know the number of people you expect and the date/time of the event. This helps us begin planning a menu. If a party is under about 20 people, we need to look at it as a private cheffing event and will plan/price accordingly. Over 20 is our classic buffet service. Both events have at least two staff present at your party to set up, prep, cook, serve, pour, and of course, clean up.

We need to get an idea on what type of food and drink you are wanting, to know whether you want us to provide the plates, eat-ware, cups, wineglasses, etc. Are kid foods needed? Desserts and alcoholic drinks – are you providing them or are we? And we need to know where the event is happening (driving out to Azle or Sherman is a bit more costly than down Lover’s Lane). We like to get an idea of all these needs, including your budget, so we can work on menu ideas and an estimate.

We think our prices are good for the type foods and the service, etc. we provide.  As to a ballpark range, we would say a party of 25-30 would be in the $350–$550 depending on menu, drink, etc. Again, it could be less or more depending on the menu. If you are looking for a smaller, let’s say, sit down dinner where we serve you, it would probably be more along the $50-$100/per person range, depending on the food and other fun stuff.

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal, and corporate checks for payment.